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About Spotify Premium

What’s Spotify?

Spotify Premium is the leading music streaming platform , with millions of users. In this quarter’s second quarter in 2021 Spotify had an estimated 165 million premium customers around the world, an increase from 138 million during the same quarter in 2020.

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NameSpotify Premium
Compatible withAndroid 4.1+
Last version
Size44.64 Mb
MOD InfoLatest Version
CategorySpotify premium
UpdatedOct 2, 2021
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The number of Spotify subscribers has grown significantly in the past few years and has nearly doubled since the start of 2017.


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Spotify for Artists

Spotify Premium

Spotify Premium

Spotify premium offers its users unlimited new features, and is free of limitations , which means that

Subscribers can enjoy it for no cost. The premium app allows users to download a variety of music as well as music videos to their playlist. It is easy to create their own playlists for accessing the Songs that you love anywhere and at any time. There are no limitations in downloading or saving your music for later.


Spotify Premium

Additionally, the interfering from ads is now gone from the Spotify premium Apk to allow it is now possible to use the app entertainment never gets disturbed. The Apk is packed with a number of features that ensure were not available in the original as well as the free edition of Spotify. To enjoy all the features, Create an account with Spotify Premium and sign up for a paid subscription. You can choose to repeat the songs and shuffle them around in your playlist can also be This web-based service. Music fans will have no issues about enjoying their music.


Spotify Premium Features

It’s not an everyday thing to be among the biggest platforms for music on social media. Everyday, many new applications and websites are being designed and are difficult to keep up with it. the popularity of one’s product among the. Spotify Premium has remained successful in maintaining alongside other social media platforms. This fame is because of the followers


Spotify premium Features

Features provided by Spotify premium app to its subscribers.

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Get unlocked Inbox of Spotify
  • Unlocked Storylines
  • Share Playlist
  • No root required
  • Repeat mode that is unlocked
  • Listen 320kbps music
  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Find your music
  • You can listen to any song you enjoy
  • Block Ads
  • Removed various cosmetic features
  • Dark Amoled Theme

In this section, we’re going to give you the specifics of the features of Spotify are modified by the development team:

Unlocked Spotify Connect: Spotify connect is unlocked and lets you login or create a Spotify account with your Facebook account, allowing for speedy access.

No Root Required: To download the latest Spotify Premium APK, no root access is required. It is easy to install Spotify Premium without root access.

Visual ads blocked: During music playback the app will show our animated and visual ads that are totally blocked.

Audio Ads Block: Audio advertisement interrupts the experience of music frequently , and disrupts the flow The advertisements are usually blocked. They are displayed after every two to three skips.

Seeking Enabled: The premium mode lets you search the playback bar of music and listen to any part of the song regardless of how many times you’d like to listen.

Select and play any song and Album: Ultimate ability to play and select any album or piece of song from any album in unlimited amounts without having to be required to purchase an upgrade plan.

Unlimited Shuffle: Spotify Free gives the user a shuffle experience but only by using Spotify Premium mode, you can play unlimited shuffle, and listen to any song on the playlist.

Ability to Choose any song: Whether you are listening to music via an album or an artist’s page The mod gives you the option to select and play any song or piece of music.

Share Playlist; Spotify Music Application lets its users create their own playlists and share the playlist with others.

Extreme Audio unlocked: Spotify offers this feature which allows you to select from a variety of audio playback formats, the mod unlocks and allows you to play with the highest quality audio format.

Allows Repeats: Free versions won’t allow you to repeat music, but with the Premium version you can utilize the feature of repeat to listen to your favorite music repeatedly, without having to interact from your side.

Canvas enabled: Canvas is an amazing new feature offered by Spotify for artists. Artists can upload album artwork by using a brief video or animation. The video will continue to play even when the user is currently in the playing area while listening to music.

Storyline enabled: With the Spotify Storyline feature, you’ll feel more connected with the artist as you play the music since it displays information and lyrics about the songs currently playing.

Help for the Theme With the mod: You’ll be able to alter the appearance and feel of the application by using customized themes.

Disabled/removed unwanted permissions Receivers, Services, and Permissions: There were many unwanted receivers and services as well as permissions in the application, which overloads the system and drains battery These are disabled and removed.

Analytics/Crash Reports Not Enabled: Spotify by default creates analytical as well as crash reports depending on the usage of your app This feature was removed to decrease memory usage from the applications.

Unlimited Music Collection: It gives its users access to an unlimitable and huge collection of music videos and audios. The music collection doesn’t rely on one genre, but is comprised of a range of genres.
including pop, rock, classical, rap, old, contemporary, ghazals, slow, etc. you can listen for free.

Unlimited access to the service: Spotify premium Apk lets its users to create playlists to them to have an to ensure that they don’t need to scroll across the through the entire site to find the track they want to find. They’d have access to their music collection. Additionally, if a person isn’t interested in the music or track, video, the viewer may choose to not showing that particular track, and the video would not be displayed. They’re back on their streaming music.

A Few Other Features

Spotify Connect

Spotify Connect is yet another amazing feature of the Spotify Premium APK, which allows users to connect to Spotify on any device you want. Many people prefer listening to music while watching television screens. In the car while in a car, they are able to connect it to their device while in the car. To connect to any device, You can click on three dots at the left-hand right. From there , one can Choose the device they would like to connect.


HD Streaming High-Quality

A majority of users are extremely conscious regarding the quality of music tracks. A lot of Users love to listen to the highest quality audios, and their desire is most effectively met by Spotify by Spotify Premium by Spotify Premium. It offers its users with the choices of selecting the kind of quality they prefer. The the highest level of quality this top quality Apk provides is 320kbps bit speed which makes it the top Music platform on the planet of the social web.

Unlimited Downloads

There are those who aren’t connected to the internet all the time, or have to travel often, but they’re fond of music. They don’t have to fret anymore as Spotify Premium can be used Apk has the advantage that it permits the users to download any number of tracks they wish. It helps them navigate their way and mundane routines that are daily exciting when they can be able to download unlimited music files to make their lives more enjoyable.


Download Unlimited Music from Spotify Premium

They can download them whenever and whenever and wherever they want. The quality of the track that the user is required for downloading the song.

This isn’t a major problem since Spotify Premium Apk assures that users can download the music

regardless of the quality they choose.

Based on your past and your music preferences, Spotify automatically suggests songs you like, and then arranges them into playlists. These playlists are sorted according to the genre or mood. If you open Discover Weekly at the top list, you’ll be able to see music you’ve not yet listened to but are likely to enjoy. In particular, when your favorite artists release new songs or albums The app will notify you notifications instantly.

Listen Music While Call

Premium Apk of Spotify is also introducing the new feature that when a user is at a concert On a phone, the user can listen to music while not being interrupted by or off.

This feature isn’t available on many other websites , however you can use it here. This isn’t all, we are continuing to introduce new and improved features to Mod app. This includes the capability to play offline playback feature and download music via music from the Spotify app.

Spotify Subscription Plans

  • Student plan: This plan is specifically designed for students, it costs 4.99 USD per month.
  • Personal Plan This plan was designed for an individual and costs 9.99 USD/month.
  • Duo plan: This plan provides access to two accounts i.e two users can use the Premium feature. it is priced at 12.99 USD/month.
  • Family plan: It provides Premium access to up to six people, and will costs 14.99 USD/month.


Spotify premium Plans

Things to keep in mind!

Before downloading the modified App ensure that you Uninstall Spotify. You must uninstall Spotify App, as you aren’t able to access both Apps together. Create a new account using an app for Spotify called the Premium Apk.
Allow downloads for unknown resources.


The Spotify Premium Apk Downloading Method

To install Spotify premium Apk for your device, just click any link that is available online and It will take a while for it to be waiting for it to be. Open it, and follow the directions to have unlimited access to the internet to tracks and songs. For Android devices and PCs, simply to download it and then install via the web-based Links.

To iPhone (iOS) users it is possible to install it via online. However, first one must make a the device’s settings , and then enable the option to download the device’s settings and enable download “unknown sources”. The device will then It is easy to download. Now is the time to download it for endless enjoyment.



Spotify Premium APK is the most effective and most frequently used application because it delivers amazing and incredible features for users. The users will never have problems downloading or and connecting to Other devices, and listening to any type of music.

It can play music and audio in the best quality and top quality for its users throughout the globe. This makes it the most popular platform for music. It’s easy to download and enjoyable to use. It is also an excellent way to break the cycle of boredom.

Five Reasons Why You Should Use Spotify Premium

For some who aren’t paying for the premium version, the free version Spotify can suffice for their daily listening needs. However, for who are serious about music who are serious about their music, the premium plan is a must. If you’re not sure if the premium plan is suitable for you, here’s the top benefits to take advantage of Spotify Premium.

  • Free allows you to listen at 96 kilobits/second, or high-quality 160 kbps. But Premium lets you listen up to 320 kbps which provides a more rich and more detailed output.
  • Free users are limited in the amount of times you are able to skip the section that is shuffled. But Spotify premium lets you skip any number of songs you’d like.
  • Who isn’t a fan of advertisements? If you’re using your free plan, you’ll get bombarded by ads that can affect your enjoyment of listening to music. There are no ads in Premium plan.
  • Additionally, you will receive exclusive early access to new albums by your favorite artists for two weeks only for premium subscribers.
  • You can play as many as 10,000 songs using the Premium Version.

Spotify in comparison to other music streaming platforms

Due to the popularity of Spotify many music streaming platforms have come into existence. They’re mostly owned by big corporations like Amazon, YouTube and Apple. If you’re not sure about these options, these short comparisons will help.


Spotify as compare to other music platform

Spotify vs. YouTube Music

One of the main distinctions between them is the access to audiobooks and podcasts. Spotify provides access to more than 700,000+ podcasts whereas YouTube music is focused exclusively on music, music video and other music only.


Spotify Vs Youtube

Spotify is the leader in music discovery. The music streaming platform offers every week a variety of music appropriate for your tastes. Although there’s a music discovery feature on YouTube Music, it isn’t as complex or dedicated as Spotify.

In general, Spotify boasts more playlists in each category than YouTube Music. This is due to its status as the biggest streaming service around the globe.

Spotify Vs. Apple Music

For compatibility with devices, Spotify can connect to many devices, including consoles, speakers, etc. If a devices has a device that is Spotify Connect compatible, it can connect to it. However, Apple Music only allows users connection to Apple devices in the majority of cases.


Spotify Vs Apple Music

For music discovery, both platforms are comparable in that they provide playlists that are weekly and that are based on your preferences. However, if you’re looking for an array of playlists, go to Spotify. If you’re a lover of radio you’ll find Apple Music is for you.

Both platforms let you follow friends and artists. However, what’s more interesting is the ability to also have groups of users on Spotify that allow you to create a playlist together.

Spotify vs. Amazon Music

The most striking distinction is that Spotify lets you listen to tracks on demand at no expense (with ads) however Amazon Music doesn’t let you.

Both apps from these streaming services are excellent and user-friendly. However, when it comes the websites of these platforms, Spotify is the clear winner, with its minimalist and clean layouts and intuitive control.


Spotify Vs Amazon Music

Although there are lots of similarities between these two, Spotify still holds the top spot , particularly for those who simply want to enjoy music.

Spotify vs. Pandora

One of the biggest difference between the two is that Spotify has more to offer than music. Spotify has a wide range of available podcasts. Both serve the same purpose they share: music discovery, customization and a variety of albums.


Spotify Vs Pandora

For the discovery of music, Spotify ranks at the top of the list since it offers tons of playlists every week according to your interests.


Is it Spotify Premium secure to Use?

This app is completely safe to use with millions of users have used it throughout the globe. The world that leaves no doubt in its safety.

How to create Spotify Premium Account?

Accounts can be set up through the use of an email address and password, which can be modified later in the event of Privacy is a concern. However, users can also benefit from free music streaming making use of Spotify Premium APK.

Does Spotify Connect get Connect with all types of device?

It is true that Spotify connect is also compatible with all devices, be it car Bluetooth, TV screen, LED, PC computer, etc. the type of device you select is entirely up to the subscriber.

How to Update the Spotify?

The MOD Premium version available at APKMODY is the final MOD version. This application is still functional without updates, so you don’t need to upgrade to the current version.

How to login Spotify Premium?

If you’d like to sign in using your Facebook account, then take these steps:

  1.  Disable or uninstall your Facebook App.
  2. Login to your Facebook account.
  3.  Done! Reinstall the Facebook app should you need to.

In order to prevent issues It is recommended to sign in using Your Spotify account. Logging in using an account on your Spotify accounts is easier.

How much is Spotify Premium for a Month?

Spotify Premium 2021 will cost 9.99 USD for month-long subscription, but it comes with various prices for various packages.

How to Upgrade to Spotify premium?

If you are using Spotify’s free edition, you can’t select music or enjoy music on the go. In addition, for just 9.99 each month (applies in more than 60 nations across the globe) You can access the many great functions of Spotify.


You can listen to your favorite music, download high-quality songs (320kbps or Lossless) as well as create your own playlists or listen to on-demand radio, and there are no ads in usage.

Download Now


Upgrade to the Spotify premium

Particularly, you are able to sign up and then cancel the Premium subscription at any time and without any restrictions. When compared the other services like Apple Music, Spotify’s personal and family Premium plans are more costly, but with better features, you should consider this.


Presently, Spotify is free 1 month of Premium access to everyone. If you’re considering it the service, you can test it before deciding.

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