Common errors

How to Fix Common Errors of Spotify Premium APK it’s a very common query of many Spotify lovers. As we know this APK is very popular for free of cost music, so we want to discuss its common errors for your best experience. There are many users and also many different devices as well as many different versions. So the testing possibility is very extensive and sometimes a few issues neglected during alpha or beta testing. Most of these issues, usually temporary have some workarounds and you can resolve them.  So that we have shared some solutions to how to fix common errors of Spotify.

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how to fix common errors of spotify

How to Fix Spotify Error on Offline Playback?

If you have a low internet speed and missing your favorite songs, or you are going outside and want to listen to your favorite beats. So you should need to play Spotify offline and save your data.

fix spotify offline error

In order to suitable service entertainment, there is a restriction to listening offline maximum of three thousand plus songs. If you have come to that limit, then you have to delete a few tracks from your list. After this, you will be able to download new tracks.

To resolve this issue, you should need to delete the cache and switch on an Available Offline button that will slowly delete its material.

How to Fix Spotify Local Playlist Failed to Load Error?

The most demanding feature of Spotify Premium APK is its ability to load your local music file to your playlist. It offers you the advantage to enjoy Spotify tracks with your own tracks in playlists. You can listen them from anywhere.

spotify local files error

In the latest version of Spotify, they changed some functionality for Windows and Mac clients to conduct local music. On the other hand, old versions give an opportunity to drag and drop your files into your playlists. Now the updated version is changed so that some users consider that this service was not working. They consider it’s an error of Spotify.

Please follow these simple steps to add your files,

  • Navigate to edit or Spotify> performances > local file
  • You can mark the direction of your files
  • You can urge Spotify to find out your music library.

How to Add More Spotify Tracks to Your Music?

It is sound to purify your music library on or off so that you can avoid reaching the maximum limit of ten thousand songs. When you reach the limit, throwing your organized library into disorder is the only option. As this feature does not disturb a lot of users, so the owner of Spotify has not yet increased the starting point limit as it might create a performance issue for a few devices.

However, there is an easy and best way by creating different libraries and adding these into a single playlist.

  • Create your new playlist library
  • Add your music in this
  • When it reaches its limit, then create a new one and so on
  • Then add all your libraries in a single playlist
  • You can enjoy unlimited music

How to Fix Spotify Errors on iPhones/iPads

As we know, Apple has its own way, they don’t offer an option clear cache like Android. Spotify Premium APK has not added this option yet in its road map for the iOS version.

So, if you facing some troubles with Spotify, we suggest you uninstall this app. All cache and bugs will be removed then you need to re-install it. Expectantly, this process will defiantly solve your problem.

How to Fix Spotify Connection Error?

If you are facing trouble to connect Spotify and use all tricks to see online streaming.

fix Spotify connection error

You are on your android, iPhone, or iPad you should turn Wi-Fi off first to see if you can stream on cellular data. This will help you to solve your problem. Force to shut down your Spotify app and restart your device. If it not accomplish, restart your device. If you are a Spotify app user then you might need to logging-out or uninstall your app and then install it again.

How to Fix Spotify Facebook Login Error?

Sometimes we facing an issue when we want to log in to the Spotify app with Facebook. If we use a username or password for the first time login on Spotify instead of Facebook that’s the main reason for this error.

spotify login error

To resolve this issue follow these instructions,

  • Click on Spotify
  • Go to settings and then go to social, click on Disconnect from Facebook
  • Then disconnect once again to confirm
  • Then sign-in with Facebook and sync it

How to Fix Slow Spotify Error?

If your Spotify app opens very slowly you can fix this issue.

  • First of all, re-install the app on your device
  • Turn off your hardware acceleration then
  • Select Edit then click on preferences
  • Scroll down, then click on show advanced settings and
  • Scroll down again, and uncheck enable hardware acceleration
  • Now check your app its speed will be increased

How to Reset Your Spotify Password?

fix spotify password error

It’s a very common issue for Spotify users. If you have this issue and you are not logged-out then you should need to go to settings. Here you can reset your password by using your email or username. Then they will send you an email to reset your password.

How to Recover Deleted Playlists of Spotify?             

Recover spotify deleted playlist

If we mistakenly delete a playlist and we want to recover our deleted Spotify playlist. We need to login to our Spotify app then click on the recover playlist. If we suddenly delete our playlist that will not show here, but it will become visible here soon. Then we can see it and restore it on our devices.

How to Fix Spotify Shared Account Errors?

If you share your account with your friend or anyone else in your family then you may receive a message stop you’re playing from other places. On the other hand, if you have a paid account then you can share the Spotify account with your friends or family. You can play your music at the same time without any issue.


Usually, Spotify has not a lot of issues. But sometimes we face some issues while using this app. Here we share how to fix common errors of Spotify so you can resolve them. If you have any other error, you can ask us in the comments section, we will guide you as soon as possible.