How does Spotify shuffle work? Shuffle Play Work 100%

How Does Spotify Shuffle Work: Spotify has a lot of stunning features. With this app, you can get playlists, songs, podcasts, videos, and artists.

how does spotify shuffle works

Spotify Premium APK has a feature which is known as Spotify shuffle play. By using this you can play all things randomly, But sometimes this feature (shuffle) not work properly. You can fix this issue to follow our step-by-step method.

  1. Go to your Library and then open settings from the top right corner
  2. Tap to Log-out
  3. Don’t forget to remove it from running apps in the background
  4. Open your phone settings and clear all caches of this app
  5. Now log-in again
  6. Now shuffle mod will work properly,

How does Spotify shuffle work

7. you can check by playing a playlist and shuffle songs

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