Spotify Premium MOD APK Download Latest Version

Spotify Premium MOD APK: Over the years many music applications have emerged and grabbed our attention. Spotify is one of them. It has succeeded to attract quite a huge number of music lovers all around the globe.

Most of its content is paid and if you are not able to pay then you may not grab the content of your desire and benefit from this app. Spotify Premium APK offers you an easy solution to this problem. By using this app all the subscriptions will be free of cost and you can enjoy the music of your choice without any cost.

Spotify Premium MOD APK


It is an application developed for streaming, downloading, and listening to the songs. It offers all sorts of music to its subscribers including music videos as well. The app is available in some regions only. This app is also affiliated with some artists and they get paid whenever their song is downloaded or gets shared and that is how it brings benefit to the artists as well as music lovers both.

Spotify premium is a superior version of Spotify with some extra and advanced features. These features are unlimited and paid. The endless entertainment application offers its premium features at a low cost. The idea of gaining maximum benefit at a meager cost draws the attention of people everywhere in the world. Here comes the Spotify Premium APK.

Spotify Premium APK

   Spotify Premium APK Download

Spotify Premium APK:

It provides recreation, entertainment, and amusement that too without putting any kind of strain on our pocket. This is a great advantage of using this app and the main reason why people prefer this app over the paid versions in order to satisfy their passion. It is a condition of turmoil when a person finds his desired entertainment but he has to pay for it.

Spotify restricts the people to use some of its features for free. People prefer to listen to songs offline because the internet is not available all the time like while traveling or any other such conditions. This is the reason people wish to have songs downloaded to their phones or other devices of choice. So that they may listen to them as per their ease.

Spotify Premium APK has turned this dream into a reality for the people to access the features which are restricted and cannot be used without charges. It is like a magic application which grants you access to unlimited features and that too free of cost. It is even more interesting that Spotify Premium APK is available even in those areas where Spotify itself is not present.

This app automatically gets uploaded and then runs smoothly. You can create playlists, save albums, and arrange your favorite songs as per your preference. It means you have entered the world of entertainment and now you are lost in it completely and irrevocably.

It gives you a sense of control and the experience is far better than the original app. In other words, it is user-friendly, pocket friendly, and immensely enjoyable, everything that actually matters.

APK Information

App NameSpotify Premium APK
App Size31 MB
App Version8.5.65.852 (Latest)
Category Music & audio
DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
RequiresAndroid 4.1+

Features Of Spotify Premium APK:

Offline Mode:

Spotify Premium APK

In the areas where one does not have access to the internet, this app comes to rescue. The offline mode lets you enjoy music offline without wasting your data plan.

All you have to do is play the desired song once, while your device is connected to the internet. Then you can access that song anywhere and play it without actually being online.

You require space for each song in this regard. The offline player is just like a regular music player. It is the best choice for people who love music.

No Ads:

Spotify Premium APK

Ads popping up on your screen out of nowhere tend to be quite annoying and bothersome. They may cover a large portion of the screen and may even cover the content that you are trying to view. In this way, all of your attention is suddenly diverted. Dealing with ads continuously is quite irksome.

It may also slow down the performance of your device. Spotify Premium APK is the best solution for this problem as here you can enjoy the experience of listening to songs without having annoying ads spoiling your mood.

Music Skipping:

Spotify Premium APK

The conventional Spotify is not that user friendly. It is quite tricky to deal with. One cannot just listen to the whole album in one go and this is a huge problem. Thankfully this problem is also uprooted in this Premium APK mode.

Here any song of your choice will be your destination and you will have full control over it.

Better Sound:

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify offers the sound of 128 kbps which is OK but not something great. The Spotify premium APK, on the other hand, offers 320 kbps. That is quite a huge difference and music enthusiasts know very well how this difference actually affects the quality of sound.

Better Operation:

Spotify Premium APK

You have good control over the application. This control is governed by the good operations which are offered by Spotify Premium APK. You can move smoothly. You can move back and forth and you have access to many songs at a time. In short, all of your favorite songs just one click away. You will love it.

No Root required:

Spotify Premium APK

Amazing is this feature of Spotify Premium APK that it does not require any root access of your device. You can install it as a normal application without rooting and can enjoy the music.

Many Mod apps require rooting the device in order to work. Rooting the device can cause harm to your device. In some severe cases, the devices may also go dead which is not going to be the case with this app. This app is free of this hassle and thus no tension for the user.

Choose any song:

Spotify Premium APK

You can choose any song of your choice. You are not being dictated. In conventional Spotify, your access to a specific song will be restricted in a playlist which tends to be a cause of headache.

The modified version is all yours. You are the master of your own choice. You can choose any of your favorite songs, tracks, and singer from any playlist and entertain yourself for as long as you want.

Unlimited Downloads:

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify application is a platform that gives you an opportunity to stream and listen to songs of your own choice but it comes with a catch. In order to download you have to pay a significant amount of money.

Its modified version got rid of these hurdles. Here you can download many songs as per your requirements. Your downloads are unlimited. You can truly enjoy the music world as and when required. It’s an amazing APK for music lovers.

Unlimited search

Spotify Premium APK

People have different tastes in music. While some like to listen to classic songs the others love Hip hop and many other genres of music.

Keeping this thing in mind the modified app is made in such a way that each genre is accessible very easily. With a very advanced search option, you can find a song of your choice within no time.

Repeat as per your Preference:

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify limits the repetition of the song. The limited chance of the repetition of your favorite song may prove to be such a nuisance. Spotify has confined its users in terms of skipping songs as well.

Spotify Premium APK comes to rescue. It does not impose such restrictions on its users in terms of the repetition of your favorite song. You can listen to songs, tracks as many times as you want.

Advantages Of Spotify Premium APK
  • You can enjoy the live streaming of music and podcasts. Which is not just limited to audio but video songs are also available in it.
  • It can be downloaded for free. You are not supposed to pay anything to download it.
  • You get rid of the advertisements.
  • You can search and download as many songs as per your preference.
  • Spotify premium is accessible from anywhere and at any device.
Disadvantages Of Spotify Premium APK
  • It requires Paid subscriptions in order to get all the features that Spotify premium has to offer.
  • Spotify cannot be accessed in every country. Its availability is limited.
  • After Subscribing to the desired packages one can fully enjoy Spotify premium without any restrictions.

How to Download Spotify Premium APK for PC/ MAC

You cannot use this APK on your PC/MAC directly, because this app is organized for Android. But now you can use this APK on your PC without any issue. Follow our step-by-step guide and get the latest version of Spotify Premium APK,

  • First of all, download Blue Stacks or any VPN
  • Install Blue Stacks on your PC it will help you to run any Android app on PC/MAC.
  • Download Spotify Premium APK from the provided link
  • Then click on Bluestacks and after installation, sign in with your Google Account
  • Now go to your device where you save the Spotify app, right-click on this APK and click on “open with bluestacks” to install this APK
  • A shortcut icon will appear on your desktop screen
  • Launch Spotify Premium APK and signup with your personal information
  • Now use your favorite music app on PC/MAC

Spotify Premium APK

   Spotify Premium Download

How to Download Spotify Premium APK for Android/ iPhone

Spotify premium APK is not that difficult to download if you follow the proper steps:

  1. Uninstall the app which you have installed previously from Google or Apple store.
  2. Open any trusted website
  3. Approach the download icon
  4. Click the download icon
  5. The Application will be downloaded depending upon the speed of your internet and the specifications of your device.

How to Install Spotify Premium APK

  1. Once the app is installed
  2. Go to the settings
  3. From there go to security
  4. Enable the unknown sources
  5. Find the app in the File manager
  6. Open it and click install
  7. Your application will be installed

User Guide:

  1. After a successful installation, you are ready to launch the application. Sign up for the new account. You can use Google or Facebook as well to make this process fast if you like.
  2. Launch the Spotify Premium APK.
  3. On the top right corner of the screen, there will be settings icon
  4. Tap the setting icon in order to manage the setting as per your requirement.
  5. You can show or even hide the songs that are not playable in your area.
  6. The autoplay feature will help you to continuously play the songs.
  7. Normalize the loudness
  8. Select the language of music you want to listen


Spotify Premium APK serves to be the best for music enthusiasts. It fulfills all the requirements of people. One can download many songs from any genre and can do unlimited streaming. The quality of music is very good and the interface over here is quite decent and user friendly. Moreover, it offers many features to its users which are locked in conventional Spotify applications.

It does not require rooting like other APK applications and is compatible with many devices. No bug or virus has been found yet. It provides the best music experience. You have full control over which song you want to play. You will be not restricted to the limited repetition of a particular song and can enjoy millions of songs freely and offline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spotify Premium APK

What is Spotify Premium APK?

This is the best-modded version of Spotify which is completely ad-free. You can use Spotify Premium APK without any restrictions. You don’t need to purchase premium apps because Spotify Premium APK is absolutely free with all premium features.

How to download Spotify Premium APK?

We provide direct download links here. You can click on the above link and download this APK on your device and enjoy unlimited music of any type.

How can I get Spotify Premium APK for free?

You can get Spotify Premium APK from any trusted site. We also provide the latest version of Spotify so you can get this APK from here. You just need to download and install this APK.

Is Spotify Premium APK Safe?

It is Safer and fully tested APK for all types of devices. You can get this APK and use it without any worries. It’s a virus free modded APK.

How can I bypass the country restriction on Spotify Premium APK?

If you get a notification (Spotify is not accessible in your country) then you shout need to use any VPN or Emulator. It will help you to bypass this country restriction issue.

Spotify Premium MOD APK

Spotify Premium MOD APK: It’s the best streaming platform with unlimited types of music, tracks, and podcasts for free. Spotify Premium MOD APK suitable for all types of devices. The amazing part of this APK is its user-friendly interface. It offers you to make playlists and share these playlists with your friends.

So, get a MOD for free and enjoy unlimited music. Spotify has two different formats. One format is that the user can enjoy thousands of songs with its online database. On the other hand, Spotify premium APK has huge albums where you can find songs from different artists. In simple words, we can say this moded APK provides you everything without any restrictions.

It Offers the millions of music streaming, podcasts, artists, and tracks for people and accessible in New Zealand, Europe, Africa, Australia, and some areas of Asia. It works better with Linux PCs, MacOSx, Android, Windows, iOS, and tablets. So, you can enjoy your favorite music on any device.

Download Spotify Premium MOD APK Final MOD [Unlocked Features]

spotify premium mod apk

Download MOD APK

What is Spotify Premium MOD APK?

Now we are introducing you to the best Spotify Premium MOD APK latest and final version as well. As we mentioned above that it’s compatible with all types of devices. So, you can download and install this MOD APK file on your Blackberry phones, Android devices, Mac, and Laptops/PC as well. Moreover, we will provide you all the important information and instructions about Spotify that will helps you with a better experience.


  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Blocked all Visual Ads
  • Limitless Shuffles
  • Blocked all Audio Ads
  • Enable Seeking
  • Select Any Song Which You Want
  • Best Sound Quality
  • Enable Repeat Music
  • Enable Search Bar
  • Disable Analytics
  • Disable all Unwanted Services

Insert Table

NameSpotify Premium MOD APK
Latest Update1 Day Ago
RequirementAndroid 4.0.3 or Above
Size31 MB

How to Download Spotify Premium MOD APK

Here we provide easy and step by step guide to download and install its latest version on your devices. So, stay tuned with us and keep enjoying,

  • Download this MOD from here, but if you have already this app then you should uninstall it first.
  • Now click on the given downloading button.
  • Connect it with your Facebook social media account.
  • Now the downloading process is done.

spotify premium mod apk


How to Install Spotify Premium MOD APK (Rooted Devices)

  1. First of all, make sure your device has a root, if it has no-rooted then you must have a root to install this MOD APK.
  2. You should don’t have any other Spotify Premium MOD APK version if you have any other version than uninstall it.
  3. Download it from the given link.
  4. It’s a beta version only for rooted devices.
  5. When download finished, then install it on your device.
  6. Open the MOD and sign-in
  7. Install the structure which you can download from here.
  8. Then install this APK file on your device.
  9. When it finished then close all you’re running Apps.
  10. Then restart your device.
  11. Now you can enjoy your favorite music.

2nd Method of Installation

Sometimes the first method of installation didn’t work properly on your device. So we suggest another method that helps you to complete the installation without any issue. You should try it.

  1. We suggest you root your device, furthermore, you can skip through DRM.
  2. Then download and install the Xposed structure on your device.
  3. Then download the Xprivacy module, install it, and also activate it.
  4. When the installation completes, then go to settings and turn off tracking for Spotify.
  5. Now it’s time to enjoy free Spotify Premium MOD APK.


There is all about Spotify Premium MOD APK. I am confidentially sure this article will help you to download and install your favorite music app on your devices. With this MOD you can take stock of all premium features that will certainly the best experience for you. This application has more than a hundred million active installations. If you want to update Spotify Premium MOD APK, you need to bookmark our website because you cannot update it from the play store or anywhere else.